Bain Employee deploys corporate capture on world "health" authorities. You are living the result.


How Rockefeller founded modern medicine and killed natural cures

Don't be neutralized by the fear that is being broadcast into your mind. The worst case scenario laid out here is probable. Social Engineers enjoy September.

"Ever since this all started I've had an unshakable gut feeling that this is the plan. This is the big one, folks. It's here. All the elite goals are being accomplished in one massive global ritualistic event. I compiled what I think the plan is based off of ideas I've seen floating around that resonate with me.

Wave 1 was intentionally weak to trigger suspicions. Bill Gates says that he is "super worried" about Wave 2 and this one will "get our attention".

Step 1: Wave 1 goes out to test resource channels and see public reaction. Set up hospitals beds, start virtual work/school, set up business check points, introduce masks as a form of public prevention, train journalists on how to report this, create global command chains...

Step 2: Create triggers for undesirable populations. They knew people would freak out about masks. It's a clean simple visual representation of who complies and who doesn't. When deadlier wave 2 rolls out mask wearers can point at non mask wearing conspiracy theorists and blame them. People will be cancelled for not wearing masks. The great awakening is pressure test to see who will be non compliant in the NWO. Dog whistles targeting certain groups (especially mark of the beast imagery) built into the vaccine discussion to scare undesirables into loudly putting themselves out there as enemies of the system. They want to know who you are. Non mask wearers will not be permitted to participate in the economy. They will be reported to contact tracers. They will be blasted on social media, found, and "cancelled".

Step 3: Miracle vaccine! Now checkpoints aren't for masks they're for the vaccine. Quantum dot scan before entering hospitals or schools. Vaccine ID on your phone before you can grocery shop. I've seen so many conspiracy minded people say that they will die before getting the vaccine. The elite thinks that's awesome. They gave you adequate warning about what will happen if you don't obey. You will be cancelled. Update to the new global operating system or be left behind.

Step 4: At risk populations that just happen to be the most likely targets for mass depopulation due to being "eaters that strain resources" are the most likely to die from a deadlier Wave 2 (older people, people in poverty, sick people). Healthy non conformists will be forced to get the vaccine if they ever want to participate in the larger society again. Cashless society means no food without your quantum dot vaccine chip. Obey or die. Those who do die will be held up as an example for decades. "This is what happens when you don't listen". Carrot with cash payouts for vaccinated people (want a stimulus check, better get chipped) stick with cancellation.

Step 5: Obedient people that do get the vaccine are faced with infertility. You'll only be able to grow a family through assistive reproductive sciences. Only people with a high enough social credit score will be able to reproduce. Family size will be capped at a sustainable level. Total population control.

Welcome to the new normal."